A Solid Start


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You probably arrived here because you’re looking for a piano or guitar teacher – and an effective one. This is not mechanical learning of an instrument – this is musical education combined with the right technique for piano or guitar and with the guidance of an accomplished musician.

We go where ‘instant courses’ can’t and build a foundation that will benefit you in the future. All education is a two-way process, and learning an instrument seems particularly so. Good communication between teacher and student produces good results. This is where I believe my strength lies.

But be prepared. Anybody with a passion to learn an instrument will experience frustration at times with the whole process – but then you get enormous satisfaction and pride when you succeed for yourself and eventually from entertaining other people.


Robert Gerrard performing with Think Floyd

Robert Gerrard performing with Think Floyd

I’m Robert Gerrard – an all-round musician teaching and performing professionally. I teach piano and guitar privately in my own teaching and recording studio and at the Avalon Music School.

I’ve been learning since I was six (you never stop) and have studied piano, guitar, church organ, composition, music production, arranging and recording techniques, trumpet and vocal techniques.


I teach because I enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience to people who are keen to learn.

For many years I thought I wouldn’t have the patience to work with young beginners (even my own!), but being at the Avalon Music School has surprised me with the fact that I am very patient and can get them to progress pretty quickly. In fact, after half a dozen lessons, many of my younger students have overtaken my 8-year-old after two years with another teacher. I’m now teaching her myself.


My Minster-in-Sheppey studio is an informal teaching space filled with instruments and music paraphernalia, allowing you the freedom to express your musical abilities as easily as possible.